Meet the characters

Skinnius Finny

I’m Skinnius Finny, Skinny Finny to my friends. I am ten years old and my dad is the Chief Toymaker for Father Christmas. How cool is that!? I am working on making my very own lightsaber, you know, from Star Wars… They are the best films ever! Dad reckons it can’t be done but I’m not giving up. I’ll get there one day. You can count on that.


Tubbius Finny
Oh… hi. I’m Tubby. Did you know that octopuses can be milked to produce glue? It’s really sticky! I managed to glue myself to the toilet last week. Took mum six hours to set me free. Cool, eh?
Super Spy Wobblebottom

I am Super Spy Wobblebottom, the pride of British Intelligence, catcher of villains and he who strikes fear into the hearts of crooks and ne’er-do-wells. You have no doubt heard of me. Golly! Is that the time? I’ll be late for tea and cakes! I really must be going…

Woof! I’m, Bill. I’ve been hanging around with Mr Wobblebottom for years. I help him out every so often when he gets in a bit of a scrape. I’m the brains, you see.