Another year beckons and my mind turns to wondering what it may bring…


In terms of writing, it’s going to be busy!

Just before Christmas last year I managed to finish the first draft of my new middle grade dragon fantasy – Dragonspire (working title). But… I know already that it needs a major re-write as I changed some pretty fundamental things at the start of the book that have some big repercussions later on. The re-write is underway and I imagine I’ll be spending most of my time this year editing that to polish it into a lustrous shine (hopefully!).

As for Skinny Finny and Super Spy Wobblebottom, their third adventure is starting to brew and bubble inside my head, the murky past of the Darkstar beginning to form in my mind alongside the dastardly plans of the quite potty, yet mildly scary, Dr Buttscratcher.

Having been away from the Finny family now for most of 2017, I am itching to get cracking on the next instalment! Their antics creep into my thoughts when least expected, like just this New Year’s weekend as I was driving my family to London to watch Annie! The only problem is that you can’t write when driving, so alas, I can’t remember what it was now apart from that it was funny and made me snort at a set of traffic lights. What my family thought… I have no idea.

Have a wonderful 2018.


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