Check out my writing cave!

I am lucky enough to have a study at home. A writing space all of my own where I can be as geeky and as creative as I like. Here’s a picture of me next to some of the many books on my ‘TBR’ (to be read!) shelf and the figurines I had made of Skinny Finny, Wobblebottom and the gang.


Okay, so it’s not actually a cave (they’re mostly pretty damp so I’m quite happy about that) but it’s a great place that I can retreat to and write.

I’m currently working on a new project that doesn’t involve the crazy antics of Skinny Finny but I’m sure that the those characters will all be back fuelling my keyboard and fingertips in the future.

Here’s another pic of me and the gang…


For those who may be interested, I had these chaps 3D printed in colour sandstone! It’s utterly insane what technology can do these days. You can find out more at

Until next time…

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